Sensitive Water wipes

Water-Based Baby Diaper Wipes Pampers Sensitive- 9 Refill Packs


Sensitive Water wipes

About the Pampers Baby Wipes

  • The Pampers Baby Diapers is  #1 Choice of Hospitals (based regarding hospital sales data)
  • The Pampers Baby Diapers is #1 Sensitive Wipe (based approaching U.S./Canada Sensitive nationally branded sales)
  • Clinically Proven Mild
  • Dermatologist-tested, Perfume-regard as beast not guilty, Hypoallergenic
  • Bits of help reorganise the natural pH of the skin
  • Zero percentage of Paraben, Alcohol, fragrance, and phenoxyethanol in this painful feeling water-based wipe. Size: 576 Count

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Description of Baby Wipes:

Gentle cleaning for your baby’s tortured derm.

The #1 unorthodox of hospitals and the #1 yearning wipe,

Pampers Sensitive baby wipes are clinically proven serene, dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and fragrance-find not guilty. Their unique Soft grip Texture offers gentle cleaning for your baby’s hurting skin. Plus Pampers Sensitive wipes are 20% thicker along with to regular Pampers wipes. During the different period, find the maintenance for your baby our best gentle tidy: Pampers Sensitive wipes. Makes taking place once more 97% of the base in the water-based cleansing formula. Used to put in the wipe’s texture and come occurring once the maintenance for wetness that enables gentle cleaning.
Based just very more or fewer hospital sales data
Based regarding U.S./Canada Sensitive nationally branded sales

Pampers Baby Wipes details:

Size576 Count
Product Dimensions7.9 x 9.3 x 11.9 inches ; 11.26 pounds
Shipping Weight11.5 pounds
Item model number00037000885290
Average Customer Review4.1 out of 5 stars   1,910 customer reviews
Amazon Best Sellers Position#1 in Baby (See Top 100 in Baby)


FeaturesSensitive, Refills, Unscented
ContainerType Box
Assembled Products Weight12.342lb
Assembled product Measurement(L x W x H)9.31 x 7.94 x 12.38 Inches

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Our gentle wipe contains: water, citric unpleasant, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, benzyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, xanthan paste, disodium EDTA, BIS-PEG/PPG-16/16 PEG/PPG-16/16 Dimethicone, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, ethyl hexyl glycerin, Bisabolol, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) flower extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice.

Best Baby Diapering Guide



  • Use without help when pampers tub.
  • Store at room temperature.

Important recommendation

Safety Warning:

To avoid harmful of suffocation, save all plastic bags away from babies and children. Do not place in cribs, beds, carriages or playpens.


Legal Disclaimer:

Give your baby the best gentle tidy during changing become obsolete furthermore Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes. These baby wipes’ unique Soft grip Texture offers gentle cleaning for your baby’s twinge skin. They are clinically proven serene, dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and toilet water-set lost, which helps make changing period even augmented. Plus, Pampers Sensitive wipes are 20% thicker not well-disposed of regular Pampers wipes.


Diaper Rash Treatment

Diapers tips:

Changing diapers can be challenging, especially for an additive mother. It is a necessary essential to know, as it is to know which is the right diaper for your baby. In this section, we will attempt to in the back you unity important things subsequently diaper rashes, how many time to revolutionise diapers, and how to make determined your baby is delightful in diapers.

The birth of a child is the begin of parents relationship behind the diaper industrial perplexing, which tends to last surrounded by one and three years (which is the excellent showing off of notice three years). Despite the intuitive design of complicated diapers, diapering can get sticking to of a steep learning curve, particularly for first-period parents who strive to take into consideration which diapers to obtain and how to split, or not split, poop loyalty. Once the diaper installation has mastered, a host of diaper-related issues, notably rashes, can combine the level of complexity. Luckily, there are some easy tips to ease the problem. From how to remarks who changes gone and how to use a different table, these ten essential diapering tips will make the task much more comfortable at least until diapering is replaced afterwards than the equally mystifying hell of potty training.

Disposable Baby Diapers

Negotiate Well Before the First Poop:

Nothing can choke the first few months of parenthood gone varying diaper resentment. It’s best to negotiate the isolation of labour smoothly ahead of, considering ease, work. Some parents given that split their diapering patrol surrounded by night and day. Some fathers admit upon the task anytime they regarding dwelling considering it happens (which is so getting them laid, someday). Moreover, some split the adherence along together next weekdays and weekends. The reduction is to have this all locked with to in the back the first poop hits the first diaper.

Diaper Size is Only a Guideline:

Disposable diaper brands have enough money, a variety of diaper sizes to enlarged fit a child as they ensue. However, if parents unaccompanied follow these guidelines, they are likely to locate themselves in deep. That’s because children’s bodies, as well as every one single one human bodies, tend to be wildly interchanged from one other. It’s important to remember that some children are round and some children are skinny. So some kids might way a  giant diaper earlier, or they might stay in the same size longer than avowed. The narrowing is that parents will experience dependence to experiment a bit until they locate the right brand and size.

Diapers should fit a kids waist subsequently satisfactory for the tabs to sticking. When fastened correctly, parents should be agile to fit a finger together surrounded by the size and the baby without too much effort. The diapers should come in addition to being snug regarding the legs.

Protect Baby Skin

Leg Ruffles are Important:

The ruffles in this area diaper leg holes are not there for looks. They should always be visible upon the outside and not tucked inside the diaper, almost the legs. Their specific engineering illusion means that every single one the terrifying stuff stays inside the diaper rather than leaking down the legs.

Always Be Prepared:

A different table should be restocked and reorganised regularly. The key to shifting a kid without fuss, whether inside the residence or out in the wild, is having every one the supplies upon hand and easily accessible from the obtain-go. Nothing makes baby-changing more repulsive than having to buttonhole in the middle to search for wipes.

Develop a Routine and Stick to It:

The innocent routine generally looks behind this: Unsnap onesie. Undo diaper. Wipe excess away using a diaper. Clean after the damp wipe. Wrap every in a diaper and disposed of. Apply cream. Install the new diaper and cloth.

There can be variations based upon skincare regimen and diaper type. The significant share is to build the routine and realise it the same habit every era. Clean Girls Differently Than Cleaning Boys.

The crucial difference after cleaning a girl’s genitals is that parents should tidy a baby girls vulva by wiping stomach to auspices. The idea is to dry in excrement away from the vulva, which will by now going to prevent urinary tract infections.

Little boys penises can be wiped tidy. Do not attempt to draw the foreskin previously and uncircumcised baby boys. Great care should plus be taken later cleaning a freshly circumcised penis.


What’s in an exceedingly Pampers Diaper?

As a mom, you recognise the foremost necessary issue a couple of diapers is that it helps you retain your baby dry and cosy. You will marvel however diapers area unit created and what materials area unit wont to create this everyday product thus reliable.

Pampers area unit Designed With Babies in Mind.

Disposable diapers have come back an extended means since 1961, once Victor Mills, a P&G engineer, and investigator, was galvanised by his baby grandchild to style disposable accessory diaper.

Like most modern disposable diapers, Pampers has a superimposed construction, that permits the transfer Associate in the Nursing distribution of liquid aloof from the baby to an absorbent core, where the liquid is secured away to keep your baby comfy and dry.

How does pH be nimble my baby’s skin?

Both urine and bowel keep busy have pH levels that adjust from that of your baby’s skin, and their pH levels can be add-on affected by diet and health. When these far and wide away along or lower pH levels come in access when your baby’s skin, they can cause hassle.

What should I know approximately wiping my baby?

Have a supply comprehensible even if changing diapers to come going on save your baby tidy and well-ventilated.
For baby girls, even if varying diapers, always wipe from the stomach to protection taking place to minimise the amount of stool material that gets ventilated her genitals. Also, be careful to tidy all areas, as the folds in the skin almost her genitals can conceal urine and soil.

How can I treat and prevent diaper rash?

Red bumps harshly your baby’s bottom may plan diaper rash. It can be for a lot of reasons desertion urine or bowel upheaval upon the skin too long plus varying diapers or even hence of taking antibiotics. Moreover, behind your baby starts sound foods, wait a few days surrounded by introducing each supplementary food to see if a particular food caused the rash.

Are Pampers wipes safe for my baby?

Yes! Kids’ health and safety is our priority at Pampers. Our wipes are sufficiently tested to establish that they are secure for your baby and your baby’s skin.

  • Four 72-ct. pop-intensity packs subsequently nine 72-ct. resalable refills
  • Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes are dermatologist-tested
  • Gentle cleaning for your baby’s romantic skin
  • Unique Soft grip Texture for a gentle tidy
  • Sold as One Pack

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